Faiz ul Rasool

The founder and current chair of Labour Friends of Pakistan is Faiz ul Rasool. He is assisted by a board of directors.

Policy and Research

Policy and Research

We work with the Labour Party to formulate policy which recognises Pakistan’s role in the world today and the importance of the UK-Pakistan relationship for both countries.

We provide information and briefings to Labour parliamentarians on Pakistan.

Community engagement and empowerment

We provide a platform for engagement between the British Pakistani community and the Labour party, so that the Labour party is aware of the views of British Pakistanis, and that the Labour party is better able to communicate its activities and policies to the community.

Trade and Investment

Trade and Investment

We work with business leaders from the UK and Pakistan to ensure that Labour parliamentarians are fully informed about the latest developments in UK-Pakistan trade relations and the impact on British and Pakistani companies.

Message from Faiz Rasool

Message from Faiz Rasool

Founder and current chair of Labour Friends of Pakistan

Congratulations to Mohammed Sarwar on his appointment as Governor of Punjab
Labour Friends of Pakistan would like to congratulate Mohammad Sarwar on his appointment as the Governor of Punjab in Pakistan.

Commenting on the appointment, Faiz ul Rasool, Chairman and Founder of Labour Friends of Pakistan, said:

‘We would like to congratulate Mohammed Sarwar on his appointment as the Governor of the Punjab. It is very well deserved position of high honour for a true patriot of Pakistan. I have known Sarwar Sahib for over ten years and am absolutely delighted for him. He has the integrity, skills, experience, tenacity and vision to make a real difference to the lives of people in Pakistan. I would like to thank Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for making such an excellent appointment. Governor Sarwar Sahib will be a bridge between Pakistan and the U.K. and we look forward to working with the Government of Pakistan to build stronger and deeper ties across trade, education, health, culture and tourism’.

Anas Sarwar MP

Patron of Labour Friends of Pakistan

I am tremendously honoured to be a patron of Labour Friends of Pakistan. As a British citizen of Pakistani origin it is truly inspiring to see the excellent work this organisation is doing to strengthen the historic relationship that exists between the UK and Pakistan.

At a time when the world is becoming increasingly globalised, it has never been more crucial for our two countries to work together in addressing the challenges we face. Pakistan is one of our most important regional allies. Unfortunately, it faces many challenges on a host of fronts, including its security, infrastructure development and the promotion of good governance. I am incredibly proud that under the previous Labour Government UK aid to Pakistan was doubled to £480 million with a focus on improving the provision of basic education and healthcare. As a former member of the House of Commons International Development Committee I have seen some of the fantastic work that is being done in Pakistan by the Department for International Development.

I congratulate Faiz ul Rasool – founder & chairman of Labour Friends of Pakistan, and look forward to working with him to further develop the links between the Labour Party and Pakistan.

Message of Anas Sarwar MP
Message from the Rt Hon Edward Miliband MP

Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP

Leader of the Labour Party

Leader of Her Majesty’s Official Opposition and Leader of the Labour Party

“Through our historic connections arising from the Commonwealth, Britain has developed a strong and long-standing relationship with Pakistan. This relationship is further strengthened by over a million strong Pakistani diaspora living in the United Kingdom, who make an incredibly important contribution to our society, our country’s economy and our culture.

I am proud that we were the party from whom the first Member of Parliament of Pakistani origin was elected to serve in the House of Commons. We now have five Labour Members of Parliament sitting in the House of Commons as well as members in the House of Lords.

The Labour Party has always supported Pakistan, and will continue to do so. While in Government we not only helped to increase trade between Britain and Pakistan to help its economy grow, but also announced plans to significantly raise bilateral aid with a focus on improving its education and health care systems. We want to cooperate with the Pakistani Government to ensure stability inside Pakistan and across the wider region.

With the launch of the Labour Friends of Pakistan last year, I am sure the relationship between the Labour Party, British Pakistanis and Pakistan will strengthened.

Rt Hon Sadiq Khan MP

Patron of Labour Friends of Pakistan

“I am very pleased to see Labour Friends of Pakistan come into formation, and I am proud to serve as a patron.

Pakistan gained independence in 1947, while Britain was under Labour Government, and since then there has been a strong relationship between Pakistan and Britain. My parents were first generation immigrants who came from Pakistan in search of more opportunities, and today I am happy to be part of something which allows me to recognise the needs of the Pakistani diaspora

Labour Friends for Pakistan can provide a hub for individuals from different organisations who want to work towards building a brighter future for Pakistan. An organisation like this will help to strengthen the relationship between Britain and Pakistan as well as raise awareness about the real issues surrounding Pakistan that are not always picked up by mainstream media.

Finally, I’d like to thank Faiz ul Rasool for launching Labour Friends of Pakistan, and for allowing me to be a part of it.

Message from Labour Friends of Pakistan from Sadiq Khan